Cylinder sealant MFZ-3 provided by Dongfang yoyik

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                     Cylinder sealant MFZ-3 provided by Dongfang yoyik

Cylinder sealant MFZ-3 is a sealant for the joint surface of steam turbine cylinders in thermal power plants. Long-term work in a high temperature environment will only become viscous without coking, meet the sealing requirements to the greatest extent, and it is very easy to remove during the next maintenance.

Features and uses: 

MFZ-3 cylinder surface is slightly deformed, cylinder surface clearance slightly exceeds the standard, steam temperature ≤585, main steam pressure ≤22MPa



Clean the cylinder joint surface, make the cylinder surface clean, free of oil and debris.

Fully stir the sealing grease, and evenly coat the joint surface of the cylinder, the thickness is about 0.5-0.8mm;

Do not smear around the bolts on the inner edge of the cylinder surface and the positioning pin holes to prevent entering the flow-through part;

After installing and overhauling the buckle cylinder, there is no need to wait for the sealing grease to solidify.


Storage environment:


From the date of manufacture, the storage period at room temperature is 12 months; after the storage period is exceeded, it can still be used after passing the inspection. Storage Tips: Be careful, keep away from heat and fire sources should be stored separately from oxidizing materials.

Sensor D-100-02-01

Gasket esp. 1 HZB200-430-02-05

moderate temperature curing dipping Polyester felt 51402

filter WY600*3Q2

Pressure Switch HLP803


Signal Acquisition module 


Sealant T25-66

hydrogen cooler rubber pad 

filter SFAX-800*30

LVDT Governor Valve HL-6-50-15

filter TZX2W-40*80

insulating sleeve 

filter QUQ2.5-10*3

oil filter GY93-25*20

re-Circulating filter JCAJ009

generator sealant injector KH-32

Conductometer Electrode 2401B-K