Dongfang yoyik supplies WU-100 *180-J filter

Date:2020-2-10 11:42:10 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

WU-100 *180-J filter is applicable to filter the impurities in the oil fluid at the oil suction port of the oil pump to protect the oil pump and other hydraulic components, effectively control the pollution of the hydraulic system and improve the cleanliness of the hydraulic system. The filter is directly immersed in the oil of the oil tank and connected with the oil suction port of the oil pump by the pipeline thread or flange. It has the characteristics of large oil passing capacity, small resistance, simple pipeline and easy cleaning.


Working medium: general hydraulic oil phosphate hydraulic oil emulsion water glycol

Flow: 100L / min

Filtering accuracy: 180 μ

Connection mode: tubular

More model about the type:

                     WU-16×80-J  WU-16×100-J   WU-16×180-J

                        WU-25×80-J  WU-25×100-J   WU-25×180-J

                        WU-40×80-J  WU-40×100-J   WU-40×180-J

                        WU-63×80-J  WU-63×100-J   WU-63×180-J

                        WU-100×80-J  WU-100×100-J  WU-100×180-J

                        WU-160×80-J  WU-160×100-J  WU-160×180-J

                        WU-225×80-J  WU-225×100-J  WU-225×180-J

                        WU-250×80-J  WU-250×100-J  WU-250×180-J

                        WU-400×80-J  WU-400×100-J  WU-400×180-J

                        WU-630×80-J  WU-630×100-J  WU-630×180-J

                        WU-800×80-J  WU-800×100-J  WU-800×180-J

                       WU-1000×80-J  WU-1000×100-J  WU-1000×180