Dongfang yoyik supply vacuum oil tank float valve BYF-80

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Dongfang yoyik supply vacuum oil tank float valve BYF-80 

Vacuum oil tank float valve BYF-80. Sealing Oil System The function of the floater tank is to further separate the hydrogen in the oil. A floating ball valve with an automatic control oil level is installed inside the float tank to ensure that the oil level in the tank is kept within a certain range. The float tank is equipped with a manual bypass and liquid level inspection window, and the oil level is manually operated if necessary. The hydrogen is separated and returned to the expansion tank, and the oil flows into the air deposition tank. Due to the control of the float, a certain oil level is always maintained in the fuel tank, thereby preventing hydrogen from entering the air deposition box.

Working principle

The float valve always floats on the water, and as the water rises, the float also rises. As the drift rises, the connecting rod also rises. The connecting rod is connected to the valve at the other end. When it rises to a certain position, the connecting rod supports the rubber piston pad to close the water source. When the water level drops, the float also drops, and the connecting rod drives the piston pad to open.


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