YOYIK offer LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-100 power plant use

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YOYIK offer LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-100 power plant use

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) TD-1 is a power transformer for measuring linear displacement (position). It belongs to linear displacement sensor. Its working principle is iron core movable transformer. It consists of a primary coil, two secondary coils, a core, a coil bobbin, a casing and the like. This series of products has the characteristics of large stroke, high precision, good stability and convenient operation of equipment.

Technical parameters: 

Linear range



≤0.25% F.S

Primary impedance

≥500Ω (oscillation frequency is 3kHz)

Operating temperature

-40~150 (conventional)

-40~210 (high temp)

Temperature drift coefficient

0.03% F.S /

Excitation voltage

3Vrms (1~5Vrms)

Excitation frequency

2.5kHz (400Hz ~ 5kHz)

Lead wire

six Teflon insulated sheathed wire with stainless steel sheathed hose

Vibration tolerance

20g (up to 2kHz)

Application: Suitable for oil engine stroke, valve position monitoring and protection.

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